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I was born and raised in Putnam County NY and currently live in Connecticut. Although I enjoy exploring new places, I spend most of my time in the Northeast (of the USA). As a child, I was surrounded by cooks and bakers, including my parents and grandparents along with many aunts, uncles and family friends. I baked on and off for years, but I only managed basic cooking skills. To follow a healthier lifestyle, I’m heading to my small kitchen to prepare more of my meals as well as bake old and new favorites.

A few years before my not-so-epic return to the kitchen, I stumbled upon food history. I have been intrigued with people and their history, both personal and global, since childhood. I became increasingly fascinated with discovering where foods come from, why we eat what we eat, and the traditions surrounding food. I originally started a blog called theawfulawfulfoodhistoryblog.com, but after a recent move, I decided to start fresh and reflect that I now bake and cook in a small kitchen. (On why I called the first blog “awful awful,” read my post here.)

In addition to this blog, I write fiction and nonfiction. I also work as a clinical social worker in New York City. And unless otherwise noted, all of the photos are my own, usually taken with my iPhone.

That’s me, in the photo below, in my childhood kitchen (taken by one of my parents).  There are a lot of great memories in that kitchen. I hit my head on that counter edge more than I can say, but fortunately my parents realized that a protective cover was a good idea for their klutzy child. Now I’m a klutzy grown up.  Hopefully I will not be reporting too many mishaps in my kitchen but stay tuned!


To see a list of my favorite cookbooks, food magazines and such, stop by my favorites section.

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L. Marie