When I was a child, my godmother named me pizza. That name stuck throughout most of my childhood and teenage years. I grew up in New York, where there are a LOT of pizza places. Perhaps you could imagine how many times I turned my head, looking for someone calling for me, only to discover they were simply ordering their pizza. I still look around where I hear someone calling pizza. No wonder I have neck problems!

My parents gave me the name Litsa, but I still answer to Pizza.  Perhaps not surprisingly, with a foodie nickname, my life revolved around food and the kitchen. My parents, grandparents, and many aunts and uncles cooked and baked. I spent many happy hours with family members watching and learning not only their kitchen skills but also about their lives, interests, and current events. Over the years, I became increasingly fascinated with discovering where foods came from, why we ate what we ate, and what the traditions were surrounding food.

I originally started a blog called theawfulawfulfoodhistoryblog.com. (For why I called the first blog “awful awful,” read my post here.I changed the name after I moved to my home in Connecticut to reflect that I now bake and cook in a small kitchen. My kitchen is also where I write and take photos, entertain friends and family, and of course cook and bake. I prefer to bake, but I am slowly learning more than basic cooking skills. (Very slowly.)

In addition to this blog, I write fiction and nonfiction. I also work as a clinical social worker in New York City.

That’s me, below, in my childhood kitchen, which was also a small kitchen. There are a lot of great memories in that kitchen. I hit my head on that counter edge more times than I can say, which is not among the great memories but in retrospect very funny ones.  Fortunately, my parents realized that a protective cover was a good idea for their klutzy child. Now, I’m a klutzy adult.  Hopefully I will not be reporting too many mishaps in my kitchen, but stay tuned!


That reminds me, the photos in each blog are my own as well as the photos featured on my social media pages, unless otherwise noted. My brother, Tim, took the header photo.

Cheers! Salut! L’chaim! Prosit! Skol! Live long and prosper!

Litsa, aka Pizza