The “Inn” Cookie —aka the Chocolate Chip Cookie

Food date:  2017.017 The mastermind behind chocolate chip cookies? Drum roll please…Mrs. Ruth Wakefield of the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts. In 1930’s, Mrs. Wakefield decided to cut up her bar of chocolate and add the pieces to her drop cookie recipe—and behold, an American classic was born. She displayed some savvy business sense when she … Continue reading The “Inn” Cookie —aka the Chocolate Chip Cookie


Food date: 2016.332 Most Americans love the day after Thanksgiving for the leftovers (and the Black Friday sales). How leftovers are consumed varies as much as what people serve with their turkey or tofurkey. Many cooks purposely make more food to ensure there are leftovers for their guests and their exhausted selves. So I wondered, … Continue reading Leftovers